3 Things that can Damage your Hair Extensions

Very often we witness influencers and celebrities, who rock the perfect hair looks and leave us pondering how we too can achieve a similar picture-perfect mane. However, oftentimes we don’t realize how these perfect locks are achieved. Those perfectly trimmed ends and lustrous strands that reach down to their back?...


KNOW WHY ARE HAIR EXTENSIONS WORTH TAKING A PLUNGE Is experimenting with different hair colours still on your bucket list, but you are always worried that it may not turn out to be that awesome? Or have you been worried that the colour treatment may damage your hair permanently?  Do...

How to choose the Most Flattering Clip-In Bangs For Yourself

Bangs, fringes whatever you want to call them, they are going to be *THE BIG* this fashion season. We have witnessed most celebrities and influencers rocking the hair chops during the lockdown, and the trend sure isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Bangs can be absolutely flattering and dramatically pump up...

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