3 Fall/Winter Hair Care Secrets for Your Hair Extensions

Did you know your hair changes with the season? Your hair really gets drier during the winter months, making it more prone to become frizzy and weak. This same fact stands true for hair extensions Due to the shift in weather along with dry indoor heat, nourishing hair masks and moisturizers should be well-stocked in your home to combat the cold season. Today, we wanted to guide you alter your hair care & hair-extension care regimen to accommodate the changes in weather to ensure healthy, glowing hair year-round! Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Do not go too hot!

While the cold outside is so downright dreadful (oh no, we’re already planning Christmas songs and it’s December), it can be fascinating to get in a nice, hot shower at the end of a tiring day. A perfect way to relax! But actually, those lovely hot showers can be disastrous not only for your skin but your real hair and the extensions, too. It can cause them to really dry out along with the rest of your hair, leaving everything looking a bit dull and brittle. This definitely isn’t what you were wishing.

So, dodge turning the dial up to steaming hot when the days get colder, it’s not going to do your hair any long-term good. For the love of God! We can’t stand to see our extensions destroyed by boiling water.

  1. Change your Shampoo

With the cold air gushing and harsh winds picking up, winter has a talent for draining all hydration from hair and hair extensions. It’s astonishingly annoying and, if you don’t battle its forces, it can end up leaving you looking more than a little unkempt by the time March rolls around. So, first things first, it’s the moment to switch up your shampoo and conditioner. Change your lightweight summer go-to’s for something with a little more oomph where moisture and hydration are concerned. We recommend either our Arata Hydrating Shampoo and conditioner or our Arata Super Shampoo and nourishing oil. Both are excellent for giving an instant boost of hydration and aren’t full of cruel chemicals that will strip your hair extensions of their colour and brilliance.

  1. Say No to Frizz

Not only does the winter cold have a bothersome attitude of making hair super frizzy and static, but so do the clothes we wear. Prominent woolly jumpers, knitted scarfs and beanie woollen hats are not so-suitable for your hair extensions! They might leave it half a foot up in the air. Tame frizz and static with good hydrating oil, which you should keep in your handbag at all times, just in case!. The Arata nourishing Oil is perfect for taming wild frizzy hair, leaving it smooth and sleek no matter how much knitwear you’re subjecting it to! Just be prepared and you are good to go.

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