3 Tips on How to Take Care of your Hair Extensions

Whether you’re recent to hair extensions or have tried them in the past, it’s anyhow a good idea to revamp your memory on how to properly take care for them. It’s significant to get into a promising care routine with your hair extensions from the beginning because good habits lead to longer lasting extensions. If you are lazy with your hair and aren’t ready to make the commitment to their maintenance, hair extensions may not be favorable for you.

Keep reading to learn all about hair extensions care, tips and tricks to prolong the life and quality of your extensions. The fact is applicable for most types of high-quality human hair extensions.

With adequate care and awareness, you can secure your hair extensions to last as long as possible and stay looking healthy.


1.   Washing Hair Extensions


A question that people keep asking is “How Often Should You Wash Hair Extensions?”

Despite what you might believe, you should wash your extensions not very often. The purpose why you wash your natural hair so often is oils that come from the scalp and make it greasy. Hair Extensions don’t have a real scalp so there’s nothing that makes them oily or dirty. However, that might happen, if you use a lot of products on them.

We commonly suggest that you wash Nish Hair extensions only after 10-15 wears. That’s once or twice a month, depending on your use. That might not seem sufficient, but trust us, it is best.

Washing human hair extensions is an easy process. Mix a slight amount of shampoo in lukewarm water. Soak hair extensions for 4-5 minutes without swirling them to avoid tangling. Rinse under cold running water to lock in the moisture.


What Hair Products to Use for Hair extensions?

We suggest you use a good quality, mild shampoo. Anything that has a ton of various chemicals or is very harsh on the hair is not favorable. The more natural the shampoo is, the better. You want something that will moisturize and restore, as well as give lustre to the hair. A good example of mild shampoo can be the Arata Hydrating Shampoo.

It is also advised that you use a leave-in conditioner that is convenient for your hair texture. It will replenish the shine of your hair and keep them healthy for a very long time.

2.   Brushing Hair Extensions

Brushing or Combing your hair extensions is one of the most integral parts of maintenance and aftercare. It may not seem as significant biiut if you don’t brush your strands properly, you will suffer knots and tangling. That means your extensions will not look nice and will soon become unpleasant to wear.

To prolong the life of your extensions, you should properly brush them and what kind of comb to use while doing it. When you brush hair extensions, a steel tooth comb is always better than a plastic or wooden one.

One most important rule is to be very gentle and careful. You should under no situation brush aggressively or pull on the strands! This can lead to damage to both the extensions and your natural locks. The process should be repeated a couple of times a day and this is something you should not forget to do. If you brush your extensions regularly, tangling and damage will be a thing of the past and your extensions will last you for years to come.


3.   Storing Hair Extensions

When not wearing your hair extensions, it is always advisable to store them in the original package with their clips shut and put them in in a cool, well ventilated place. To use them next time again, simply take them, and shake gently. You should also brush your extensions before storing and using them.

Ensure that the Hair extensions are entirely dry before storing them. Extensions that are stored wet are much more feasible to break down and have a buildup.  Prevent just taking your wefts and sticking them into the box just like that. Be careful with this process to have a delightful hair extension experience when you take them out again.




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