3 Ways Hair Extensions Can Help Cover Bald Spots

All of us wish to have naturally lush and voluminous hair, and yet, thinning hair is a difficulty many women and men suffer at some point in their lives. There are numerous reasons why your hair may be thinning, including your age, processed hair, stress, using wrong products, conditions like Alopecia, and more. Constant hair thinning and hair fall can lead to bald spots.
Hair is rightly referred to as the “crowning glory” and since our childhood days, we are told that luscious and bouncy hair is an indication of beauty. Hence losing our hair can make us feel underconfident, embarrassed and insecure about how we look. Many women seek out hair growth therapies and treatments that are ultra-expensive, have side effects and might not even be very successful.
If you find yourself continually asking, “Why am I having so much hair fall?” and questioning “how to hide the bald spots?”, well we’ve got some answers for you.

So how can you hide thinning hair and bald spots?

 Hair extensions and hair toppers have come a long way with designs that help those who need more coverage as well as fullness. So no matter what the exact cause behind your hair loss is, nothing can stop you from loving yourself every day and building your confidence. So you don’t have to worry about hiding your lack of hair with a scarf or a hat as extensions can do that for you in a more elegant manner. Having said that, as promised, here are 3 ways you can cover your bald spots using real hair extensions.


1. For light hair fall and tiny bald spots: 

For light hair fall and small bald spots, especially near the temple area, you can use thin patches like the Nish hair frame my face extensions. These not only add volume and cover the small spots by giving coverage but also work well to give your hair structure and bring the attention down from your forehead to your gorgeous cheekbones and jawline.

2. For moderate hair fall and medium-sized bald spots: 

Our seamless Hair Strands are made with 100% Human Hair that help add a natural volume and give Regular coverage. These are tiny seamless patches that cover up small bald spots. They also work for covering hair loss from the temple area.
To get coverage and volume on the sides we recommend the Side bangs/ bald patch. They are seamless side patches that are completely natural-looking and give moderate coverage over bald spots while adding a twist of bangs to your hairstyle. It’s a perfect solution for slightly bigger spots and thin hair.

3. For very visible hair thinning and receding hairlines: 

The name completely doing justice to the product, TOPPER SANS COUTURE is indeed SEAMLESS. With medium to high coverage, this hair topper is made with a silk base to give the most perfect coverage to the front, top of the crown area. This clip in hair topper provides optimum volume and coverage for bigger bald spots.
Overall, we think that using clip-in hair extensions can be the best option for you as they are perfectly designed for adding volume, while effortlessly blending in with your natural hair. We also always recommend using 100% real human hair extensions that are lightweight and seamless as it not only gives you the coverage you need, but also is easy to style and doesn’t add any extra stress to your scalp.
If you still feel you need help choosing the correct extensions for you, you can always request a call and we can help you find your perfect match!
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