Are you scrolling all over the internet to find the most flattering and popular oval face shape hairstyles? The oval face shape is an excellent shape because it can rock nearly any hairstyle! Other shapes have a few options of hairstyles because they want to conceal and minimize certain facial attributes to give the illusion of being the coveted oval shape.

However, being an oval shape face person, you’ll want to dodge choosing a style that could make it appear longer or wider. So before your next hair appointment, check out these flattering oval face shape hairstyles.

  1. Long Curve Bangs



Fringe haircuts look incredibly stunning on oval faces. They cover the forehead so that the world doesn’t get to see your face angles. It shortens the length of the face and makes it look snatched and blunt. The edges of the face are hidden as the hairstyles curves on the sides. In a word, this hairstyle adjusts the frame of the face.


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2. Long Layered Curls 


Oval faces are seen as a blessing as most of the hairstyles generally suit this kind of face. Long and curly hair further looks fantastic given this face. The wavy hair with curls at the end is great and in trend. This is among the best suitable hairstyles for an oval face.


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3. The classic Pixie cut



For the short hair girls out there. The biggest blessing about having an oval face shape is that you can go as short as you want and look all the more gorgeous. A pixie is a right fit for you if you like short hair, as it helps in highlighting your face shape and makes you stand out.


Apart from enhancing your features, this hairstyle also helps in presenting you with the best of both worlds, by providing you with an edgy and feminine look.


Get the look with a Nish Hair tip: Add volume to the side of your hair and keep the middle part less voluminous.


4. A sleek ponytail



Ponytail is one of the most common and easiest hairstyle. It is a go-to hairstyle for most people and needs less work and upkeep. However, as relaxing as this hairstyle is, it also looks equally glamorous and stunning. It can pop and accentuate your face shape. Along with being classic, it also adds volume and height to your look. The higher the pony, the higher is your glam quotient.


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5. Messy buns



Frankly, for an oval face shape, any type of bun will look gorgeous. From a low bun to a high bun. However, a messy bun has its own charm which dramatises the look and goes excellently with your face shape. Your high cheekbones stand out while your hair is in a bun, giving you a more dazzling look. Just like curly hair, messy buns can be used on any occasion, from your everyday life to a festive occasion.


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