5 Glam Hairstyles And Complementing Hair Accessories To Rock This Festive Season

It’s that time of the year! After carefully choosing your festive attire, it’s time to think about the perfect hairdo for your luscious looking locks or the complimenting hair extensions. Simple and sleek or delicately crafted masterpiece, you would be surprised how easy it is to elevate a simple look with a chic hairstyle and a hair accessory that compliments both you and your attire.

When it is about festivals, the possibilities are pretty much infinite. Between buns, braids, twists, curls, and ponytails, there are many diverse festive hairstyles to consider. Visualize what might work best with the atmosphere of your celebration, your dress, and your overall comfort level. Scroll through these festive hairstyle ideas and accessories to inspire your celebration.


Everyone loves a soft set of wavy locks but wondering how to wear it this festive season? With a twist, of course! A simple twist at the crown area is all you need to raise the roof on your festive style quotient.

Wear it with Nish Hair Floral Barrettes or Délicate Branche de Fleur – Hair Accessory


2.    A LOW BUN

If you’re watching out for a refined look to pair with your traditional outfits, then a low bun is a perfect choice! This popular hairstyle is the answer when you’re looking for a simple, functional ‘hair do’ which scores big during the festivities of all time. You can also achieve the look using our Natural hair scrunchies, which can put together the entire look in just 5 seconds.

Wear it withGolden Matte Goddess Leaf – Greek Style Hair Accessory


Let’s just admit it, even in the middle of the festivities, we can’t let go of our braids. So there are so many ways to make it work and one of them is with the addition of the top knot. Now this one is easy-peasy with a stylish and glam affair!

Wear it withHair Tie-up Floral Scarf



This hairstyle will glam up your outfit, Indian or western, with a wonderful new twist. Secure the hairdo nicely with hairpins though so that it doesn’t loosen up. You can complement the look with some beaded accessories to your hair for an even more stylish and glamorous look.

Wear it with- Délicate Branche de Fleur – Hair Accessory and Pearl Strandouts


For a hairstyle that flows elegance and grace, there’s no more suitable choice than this one. A unique take on a traditional crown braid, the fishtail adds a modern edge, just right for the contemporary woman this festive season.

Wear it with – Goddess Clasp – Gold Leaf Greek Headband



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