The human hair care and extensions industry is not without its fair share of myths and fallacies. When it comes to the best human hair extensions, however, you shouldn’t let these myths prevent you from having voluminous, healthy-looking tresses. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most common myths and misconceptions about hair extensions.

Myth 1: Hair Extensions Cause Harm to natural tresses 


One of the primary reasons that many still distrust hair extensions are the damage factors. But the fact is hair extensions neither harm your scalp nor your natural hair in any way. If you believe all the chemical treatments and hair styling procedures that one does in a salon, hair extensions are nothing compared to them. Chemical treatments and styling procedures hurt your hair from roots to tips. And hair extensions can truly rescue your thin, dull and damaged hair by transforming them into a unique and fresh look.

Also, you must know what type of hair extensions are appropriate for you. Always consult with a professional before selecting your extensions. One of the safest options is clip-in hair extensions that are comfortable to use and remove without any harm at all.

Myth 2: Hair Extensions Look Fake And Never Blend Well.


Human Hair extensions will always blend well with your hair provided you select the right colour and texture to match your natural hair. Most of the time people forget to choose the right hair extension and end up making a mess. Therefore, this myth has been around. The reality is one has to be very careful while picking the right match. 

If you buy human hair extensions online, you will have loads of choices to pick the right colour and texture for your hair. 

Myth 3: People will notice my hair


Good quality human hair extensions will blend seamlessly, if you can install them correctly. Your hair extensions will only get visible if it does not match your hair length, colour, texture, and looks. To make it blend correctly, always wear it in the right way. Get professional help for the best results. 

Myth 4: Hair Extensions Weigh Your Hair Down And Cause Headaches


Well, any hair extension means a little bit of extra load of hair. This might weigh down. Thus, it is essential to buy lightweight, premium-quality hair extensions that will make you feel comfy. So, do check the weight of your hair extensions before you purchase them. If the weight adapts to your hair and you feel relaxed, you will never get headaches.

Myth 5: Hair Extensions Are Very High Maintenance

Another big fallacy is high maintenance. It is not correct that hair extensions need high maintenance. You do not have to go to any salon for costly hair treatments. Natural human hair extensions should be maintained just like the way you do your own hair. For a long and healthy hair extension life, keep them tangle-free after every use. 


Most importantly, select human hair extensions for a smooth finish and texture. There’s no requirement to wash them frequently as they do not get any oil from your scalp.

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