5 Thoughtful and Unique Mother’s Day Gift Ideas- To Take It Up A Notch

A mother already has everything in the world, but she certainly needs something on this list.

It’s an exceptionally difficult task to express just how incredible and fabulous mamas are. They’re always available for us, whenever we need them making sure we are healthy and happy, so it’s only genuine that we want the gifts we buy for her to be the finest just like she is. The journey of motherhood begins with a beautiful stage of pregnancy. As it stands, pregnancy comes with its fair share of less-than-cute perks, from nausea and enduring headaches to constipation and swelling all over (what’s up, cankles?). So while she may have been prepared for a post-baby recovery with some high-quality vitamins, and stress-relieving bath bombs, she might not have planned on the ever-obnoxious postpartum hair loss (as if new moms don’t have enough issues to deal with).

Little do we know that for our darling women who’ve recently given birth, the hair growth cycle can be altered by fluctuating hormone levels, making it normal to experience hair loss three to six months postpartum. While this situation is temporary, it may take up to a full year to regain normal fullness.” Well, sh*tttt. But wait, before she begins casting spells to keep her tresses solid, know that there’s good news in addition to knowing postpartum shedding is temporary: NishHair has a ton of products today that not only help treat postpartum shedding, but help all young and even mature mommies to gain their confidence with Hair extensions and other gorgeous hair products. Below, we’ve rounded up thoughtful Mother’s Day gift ideas for all kinds of moms, from the ones who have just entered the life of being a mother to the ones who are ready to get their sons and daughters get married. Bonus: All of them mentioned below are under 3000, so you can still get her something intelligent and considerate without burning a hole in your pocket.

1. Human Hair Donut Scrunchies

NishHair human hair scrunchie works as a faux bun and is a perfect solution for messy hair days with very little effort. They are simple and easy to wear. The scrunchies are made of premium quality human hair to keep your hair secure and look very natural. With different trending hairstyles in a subtle shade of black and brown, she is all set to sparkle and shine in every chance she gets to wear it.

2. A Faux Scalp – Hair Topper

The faux scalp is a 2x6inch lace based topper that looks very natural on any mumma who wears it. It can give her coverage around her forehead, for grey coverage and is a perfect solution for baby hair. With a faux scalp, she will never have to worry about root touch-ups. It looks exactly like her own scalp. It is the best option for necessary coverage in an area where she has lost the most hair from. They are completely heat resistant and can be styled and coloured.


3. Evil Eye Mules

NishHair handmade, hand-embroidered evil eye mules suit perfectly with every kind of look and they can easily work any outfit from day to night. Its Grey muted tones makes the blue evil eye stand out the most and will work as excellent eye candy for mommy. These closed-toe flats with classic evil eye embroidery will make her feet look super elegant and trendy. The soft soles are just so perfect for all hard-working mommies and provide comfort and support throughout the day.

4. Scalp Topper – Silk Base

Nish Hair Scalp Topper looks as real as it can be and is perfect for new mothers who are losing hair. It is one of our smallest hair toppers, that gives slight coverage and volume towards the sides. It is super useful if anyone has bald spots in front and provides coverage even for scanty or thin hair. It is lightweight, breathable and super comfortable to wear all day long.


5. Luxury Gold Hair Clip

Let your mommy indulge in the experience of luxury and elegance as Nish Hair brings her a gorgeous Gold Claw Hair Clip to keep her hair neat and tied up in style while she is juggling between so many duties she has. This Gold-Toned Metal Claw Clip is the perfect gift idea for a statement and chic look for any occasion. ( The product can be used on hair extensions and with real hair as well )

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