7 Tips we are in love with for styling Human Hair Extensions

If you are the lucky ones, you were probably born with that fine beautiful-hair gene, or maybe your locks won’t grow past your collarbone no matter how many prayers you say and vitamin gummies you pop in. We all know what it feels when we see our favourite influencer with lustrous bouncy waves and wonder why we weren’t equally as blessed. No envy stings quite as intense, but more often than not, this envy leads us to one great solution: Human hair extensions. Hair extensions are a must-have in your beauty stock no matter what your hair type. From a trendy lob to long, cascading curls in minutes, hair extensions allow you to change up your look instantly.

There is no rival of the satisfaction one gets after opening a flawlessly packaged box of hair extensions. Not a hair strand is out of place, not a split end in the scene. It’s a marvel if you think about it. With any one of these effortless style tips, your new hair will look as if you got it from your momma darling (and not out of a box).


Nish Hair Topper
Nish Hair Topper

1. Style your hair extensions with care

Even though they don’t grow from your scalp, you must take care of hair extensions as if they do — after all, you spent on it, sis! “The best idea to maintain your extensions is to take care of them as you would your real hair. Use products that you would use on your hair and avoid too many harsh chemicals and extreme heat. Wash them at regular intervals and use nourishing products to prolong their lifespan.


100% Human hair extensions can be handled just like your own natural hair. They can be curled, blow-dried, and straightened much as you would normally. You can’t do this with synthetic hair extensions as hair dyes can damage the extensions and hot styling tools can ruin the hair. Human hair can be styled with friction, hair products, and heat, unlike synthetic hair extensions.

When you are styling your human hair extensions, it’s essential to use a heat protection spray, serum or oil.


nish hair topper
Nish Hair Topper

2. Take care of your own hair underneath

Your hair will continue to grow beneath the extensions, this might make the hair extensions feel more locked. Furthermore, when worn for longer times the hair extensions can begin to lose their brilliance. A sincere cleaning and a hair trim every six to eight weeks can ensure your natural hair also stays healthy and well managed.


3. Braid the bottom layer of your hair to wrap shorter hair

We all desire our hair extensions to blend excellently with your actual hair. The shorter hair strands can peep through the ends, making it look more obvious that you have hair extensions in. As a perfect solution, pick the bottom layer of your hair at the nape of your neck and braid it. Next, wrap the braid around itself flat against your head, and secure it in place with bobby pins.

Place the hair extension weft directly above where you’ve pinned your hair, and proceed to clip your hair extensions in from there. Once you have all the extensions in place you can let down your hair and the results will look a lot more natural and polished without any troublesome shorter hair revealing.


4. Place your Clip-in hair extensions diagonally to achieve a layered look

Do you dream of having layered hair? Clipping extensions in a diagonal line is a simple trick if you are looking to fake the look of layers. This technique gives your hair a natural high to the low effect that blends perfectly with layered hair.

5. Straightening Human Hair Extensions

Invest in a good quality hair straightener with a heat setting to get the most from your hair extensions. If you have curly 100% human hair extensions or have left your hair to dry naturally, you can use a higher heat setting. Finishing with a nourishing oil that will make the extensions stay looking fresher for a longer time.

6. Curling Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions tend to stay wavy post a wash. To create a curl in the extension you may go ahead with a curling wand. If you use heated rollers, you’ll need to leave them in longer than you normally would. We recommend experimenting with how long it takes to curl and how much hairspray is needed to hold the shape.


7. Use the right hairbrush when styling your hair extensions

Brushing your hair with hair extensions clipped in can be tricky. Traditional hairbrushes can pull at roots and cause the extensions to move. This is not only uncomfortable but undos all of the hard work it took for you to clip them in. Opt for wide nylon loop bristles that won’t cause any snagging, pulling, or damage the extensions and are designed to glide through your hair to remove any tangles without moving the extensions.


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