Actress Achint Kaur shares her NishHair Extension experience

Hair is such an integral part of any character or look, and as an actor, one needs to constantly change their look to suit the project. Over the last 25 years I have been a part of various shows and movies that required many diverse looks. I needed to often adjust the lengths, cuts and even colours. Since hair extensions weren’t so easily available, back then, it made things a little restrictive and inconvenient. Especially for people like me, who like their hair short. But things changed as a young entrepreneur cum actor (rightly) identified this problem and started to work on her dream project, bringing Nish hair to life.
While many think of extensions as something only worn my those in the ‘entertainment’ industry or as a way to hide flaws. I see them a little differently. They not only enhance your look, but can be used by cancer patients and others who suffer from premature hair loss and feel a lack of confidence because of the same.
From college girls to retirees. Everyone should feel good about themselves and hair extensions can, in a small way, do that.
The Nish hair extensions are innovative and created for people with varied needs and lifestyles. Personally for me, this is a one stop shop. From using coloured strands, adding volume or length to simply framing my face or adding layers, I can now do it all without cutting or damaging my actual hair.

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