Best Hair Extensions Brand for 2022 and Beyond: An Official Guide to buying Real Hair Extensions

Have you ever glanced at someone with impossibly lengthy, thick, and shiny hair and wondered which part of their genetic code was responsible for such marvel? Well, nowadays, there’s a good possibility those enviable tresses have less to do with DNA and more to do with hair extensions. 

Even if a significant transformation isn’t your plan, hair extensions have become as casual an alternative for increasing length, thickness, and volume in your hair as just about anything out there. The best part? They offer immediate results. (No more waiting for those biotin-filled hair vitamins to eventually kick in.) Though one block that might have stopped you from trying them up to this point is their reputation for causing harsh damage to your real hair. To avoid reaching into that position, you must do your research on the type of hair extensions you want and invest in. Making the right decision is very crucial so that it will blend perfectly with your hair to give that flawless look.

So what are the best brands to buy hair extensions? To take the guesswork out of your next hair extension purchase, we asked our customers and many celebrated hairstylists to lead the way.  Here are the 7 best hair extension brands in the world. 

  1. NishHair

Nish Hair is a product of love. A love for beauty, quality and strength. A love for hair weaves and a love for all those who wear them and this makes them one of the best hair extension brands in the world.

While the Nish Hair range has grown and expanded into creating all things hair, the heart and soul of the brand remains their range of premium quality human hair extensions that are lustrous, soft and super easy to apply. Being passionate about hair and understanding the confidence it can instil, they have meticulously crafted each step to ensure the extensions you get are premium quality, soft, extremely long-lasting and at impossibly affordable prices. Celebrities and influencers like Komal Pandey, Sobhita Dulhipala and Achint Kaur have embraced these tresses and have worn them to perfection. Prominent celebrity hairstylists and makeup artists recommend NishHair to the world.

Each extension is made with 100% human hair, hand-selected and stitched to perfection. They believe in practising integrity, honesty and quality in all that they do, making sure that each process from sourcing to production is done in a clean, safe and ethical manner. From the bestseller hair toppers to the colourful standouts, NishHair has something for all. Their range of products includes hair extensions to add length, volume, coverage, style and colour. 

  1. Zala hair extension

A global brand that has its base in Australia, you will find the best hair here at a favourable price. The best part is that they sell human hair that’s of elevated quality. They will offer you a wide spectrum of hair lengths with different hair extension colours.

If you are a beginner in the website search for hair, then you probably want to visit this site as they offer you a beginner-friendly website. They mainly focus on the tape in hair extensions. You may also find the Halo extensions here.

  1. Hair dreams

Since people still find it hard to embrace the extensions, it’s advisable to use hair extensions that look and feel like your natural hair. They offer the best hair quality, yet they also provide the perfect lengths and thickness. This style makes it manageable for your dream hair to come true.

The hair comes in different colours and textures. If you want to look like you have natural growing long hair, then maybe considering this brand is what will make and create the difference.

  1. Youngraceful hair extensions

This is one of the most popular hair brands from China. They often collect the hair from India, and they sell some of the best human hair extensions far and wide. This hair is smooth and silky, which makes it ideal for the different hairstyling methods.

Youngracceful sells tape in, clip-ins, and keratins, among other hair types.

  1. Kinkistry hair extension

If you are looking for any curly hair extensions, this might be the right option. It gives you a wide range of textures you may use. Bottom line, always make sure you select the correct texture since there are so many options that will match the kink girl hair.

This brand is here to cater to the community that’s shunned by other brands. Well, to make it even easier, the brand belongs to a black woman who understands kinky hair generously. Since you will have a broad range of choices, you could get hair that looks like your genuine hair.

  1. Easihair Pro

Although they are one of the best hair extension stores, they know they are also the best educators.  They will deliver excellently designed, uniform, and quality hair. They mostly deal with the tape in extensions. Moreover, they only use human hair to form tape in extensions.

It offers the best and the safest professional hair to use. Besides, they further have some of the best salons in the world. You could readily buy from this brand since they offer you both the styling concepts and the hair to use. They sell you the diverse colours of tape in extensions at different lengths. If you want to buy just European hair, you can also go to this one. 

  1. Luxy Hair

This is one of the greatest hair extension brands but mainly because it specializes in selling clip-in extensions. . 

Also, celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Hailey Bieber have used these hair extensions in the past. We love that the website offers you a section of hair products you may use. It gives you different hair thicknesses, different hair colours, and lengths. The hair uses 100% human hair extension, which means that the hair will maintain the perfect quality.

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