Best Hairstyles & Hair Look Ideas for Thin Hair

Having fine hair is a lot like maintaining a cashmere sweater. Both a boon and a bane, they’re soft and silky to the touch, but inappropriate care can lead to stretching, breakage, and other problems that damage the delicate strands. Although we can’t control the way our hair chooses to grow, we can control how we decide to deal with it.


We know that having fine hair comes with a whole lot of maintenance. Are you also struggling with thin hair that just isn’t capable of doing much on its own? It might be time to look at clip-in hair options to add more length and volume to your look. In an effort to support our fellow unit of fine-haired sisters, we have curated a list of the best hairstyles for thin hair. Follow these to keep your wispy strands in their happiest, quirkiest mood.



  1.  Messy top knots and sleek ponytails


Anyone with really thin hair understands that fine hair can oftentimes be tricky when it gets to ponytails and buns. That’s because thin hair can have a difficult time maintaining its shape. Hair ties and clips will often slip out of thin hair when you move your head around. You can create gorgeous, or messy top knots and sleek ponytails by attaching some weight to your hair using clip-in extensions. Adding length or volume before styling your hair is a great way to assure that your look will stay in place and keep its shape secure. You can also opt for a faux ponytail with an easy wrap on application for a fuller look.



      2.  Big Fuller Curls

One of the major troubles among people with thin hair is that pulling off curly looks is so tough. Thin hair is particularly laborious to curl. Not only that, thin hair has a difficult time keeping curls once they are made. That’s why so many of us end up with crunchy, over-sprayed locks when we use styling products to curl our hair. Have you been there? Is there a better way? You can use clip-in extensions that will work with your own hair to create a pretty full look. This is a fabulous way to create volume and weight.


       3. Braids

Braids are always in trend. Everything from single fishtail braids that go down your back and look super chic to accent braids that wrap around your head like celestial crowns are very popular at the moment. Though, people with thin hair often strive when it comes to creating braids. That’s because it’s essential to collect quite a bit of hair when creating a braid. Few of us just don’t have enough hair to pull off the looks we see on social media tutorials. You can amazingly rock a braid and add in hair extensions whenever you’re in the mood. You can also customize the appearance of your braids by directly applying straight clip-in extensions and braiding the strands just like you would with your hair.

       4. Fuller Crown

Making a nice pouf at the crown is a great way to create volume. It’s a prompt, effortless way to give yourself a confidence boost and look put together without much effort. This alluring trend can make anyone’s hair look full and lively. But, it’s basically impossible to pull off if you have thin hair. Trying to shove something under your hair to create a bump look can be frustrating because there is always the risk of your hair moving in a way that reveals whatever you’re hiding under there. There is a better way. You can strategically apply clip-in extensions near the crown when they want to create a full and beautiful poufed-out look. This look is exceptionally popular

        5. Bangs and Face Framing Strands

We know that trying to pull off the layered look is tough if you have thin hair. Even the best haircut full of layers can’t quite make your hair do what it needs to create gorgeous, messy bangs.The good news is that you can get a little bit of support using  clip-in extensions. Using clip-in hair is especially fun if you’re trying to achieve a look where most of your hair is pulled back and just the front portion is being used to frame your face. You can opt for clip-ins with highlights when you’re going for a look like this. The trick is to achieve that perfect balance between strands of hair that are messy and strands of hair that are styled.



We know what you go through and we have got you. Most importantly, always remember to have a dedicated hair care regimen and a nutritious diet for healthy and shining tresses.

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