5 reasons why hair extensions is a great idea!

Anastasia here is wearing Nish Hair #Strandout Dirty Blue & Teal Blue for her recent web movie.

I’m an actor. And it’s not an easy job, as actors have to constantly learn, hustle, give auditions, travel, sometimes shoot for 20 hours in a raw, stay emotionally stable and between all of that also look good. I’m very conscious of my skin and hair. These are two things any actor should pay very close attention to. In the first few years in the industry, my hair turned to something I never expected. Hair fall, thinning and constant dryness. I decided to stop exposing my hair to electronics and sprays, and luckily a friend introduced me to hair extensions! It changed my professional and personal life in many ways, here are a few:

1. EASY TO USE: clip-on extensions can be applied anytime anywhere. You don’t need to go to the salon to get it fixed or adjusted. Also, its lightweight allows you to travel with it too! Whether I’m on a shoot or attending a friend’s wedding – I can be creative with it anytime I want. 

2. DESIRED VOLUME: has anybody told you you have very thin hair? I’ve been told that a lot. It’s really irritating. And no matter how much backcombing I’ve been trying to do it didn’t help. Hair extensions is the solution! It gives you the desired volume without damaging your hair with sticky sprays and gels. 

Nish Hair

3. PLAYING WITH LENGTH: let’s be real. It’s not easy to manage with long hair your whole life. It requires a lot of attention, time and care (which we usually don’t have), so if one day you want to impress people around you and make their heads turn, try playing with different hair extensions length! Who said you cannot be a Rapunzel for a day?

4. EXPERIMENTING WITH COLOUR: have you told yourself that you are going to colour your hair on 1 January and start life anew? Here is what we can say: you can have a different colour, according to your mood everyday if you want! Using hair highlights and colourful strands which can be easily attached and styled per your desire. All that without a single drop of actual colour and damage to your hair. So, what’s the colour you’ve been thinking of? 

Wore a full head wig for a character in a movie for Netflix .

5. WEAR A DIFFERENT MASK: different hairstyles brings out a different personality in you. As an actor, I’ve been experimenting with my hair looks for each character and it makes me even more confident when I’m giving my auditions or recording self-tapes. There is something so powerful in knowing you can be anyone you want. You just need your imagination and hair extension!

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