Facing Hair Loss Problems due to Covid? The Best Hair Extensions are here to the rescue!


More than a year into the pandemic, we now know that it has not only harmed our mental health, but it has also hastened the onset of signs of ageing, such as hair loss and thinning. Hair loss can be a long-term side effect of Covid-19, which doctors attribute to elevated amounts of the stress hormone cortisol over the past year.

Onion juice with hibiscus and curry leaf oil, hair masks, egg whites, yoghurt, and anything else you can think of. Did you use all of them to save your hair from the crisis it is in?

While these homemade hair rescue trails may have worked for some, others do not appear to be able to solve their hair woes no matter what. We understand.

We are here to solve your COVID-related hair loss problems on our own. Yes, sister, you heard correctly. Here are some of the most common hair issues and their solutions.




Who doesn’t want long, beautiful hair? Stagnant hair growth, on the other hand, can occur as a result of Covid-19 hair loss issues. Don’t worry; we’ve come up with the ideal solution for you. Hair extensions!

In India, human hair extensions have come a long way. Hair extensions are a popular solution for hair problems due to their seamless appearance and ease of maintenance.


Nish Hair Clip-In Extensions allow you to achieve fuller and longer hair in a flash! These long hair extensions are available in 16″ to 26″ lengths and can help you attain the long hair you’ve always desired!




Another hair loss problem caused by Covid-19 is decreased hair volume. Don’t worry, we have an immediate solution for you! Volumizer Hair Extensions are here to help. These gimme-some-volume hair extensions are available in one-set, two-set, and three-set compositions. You can pick and choose what you want based on your mood and the look you want to achieve.




Do you wear your hair in a ponytail because it makes you feel more comfortable, or maybe you just adore Ariana Grande? Whatever your reason, we too adore the classic ponytail! Is it true, however, that Covid-19 is causing a slew of hair fall issues by reducing the volume of your ponytail?

Don’t wear a sombre expression. We’ve got the ideal resolution for you. We present you with our Ponytail Extensions! Our Ponytail Extensions are made of high-quality human hair extensions and will help you achieve a badass ponytail with the snap of a finger.



Thick and lustrous crown hair is the epicentre of any awesome sauce hairstyle. However, not everyone is fortunate enough to have it. Are you tired of patched hair falling on your crown as a result of Covid-19 hair loss issues, and are considering costly procedures such as hair transplants?

Hold on a second,  We have a solution that will both soothe your soul and your wallet: our hair toppers are made of 100% human hair extensions. We have solutions made of affordable human hair extensions for either one side of your hair that just won’t stay on your crown but the entire crown hair that is depleting.



It might be difficult to deal with a hairline that is socially separating from your forehead. Yes, we’re discussing a receding hairline that can be caused by Covid-19 hair problems. How much do you wish that new baby hair appeared suddenly overnight?

But who are we kidding? It’s too much to ask. But don’t be disheartened. You can save the day with our invisible cover-up patch made of human hair extensions. Try it out, and say goodbye to your receding hairline and hello to a beautiful hairline.



Baldness that may occur due to Covid-19 is something that’s out of your control. Baldness is frequently the result of a demon within your body that you are fighting. That makes you a warrior, after all!

Even warriors have a desire to fight with gorgeous hair sometimes. Our front lace wig is made entirely of human hair and does not resemble artificial hair in the least.

With our 100% human hair wig, you can wear it, own it, and rock it.


Whatever your hair condition, you don’t have to try a million different items that may or may not work for you, but will undoubtedly drain your bank account. Our human hair extensions, patches, ponytail extensions, and hair wigs are here to help!


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