Do you imagine yourself wearing the cutest outfits of all times and sporting soft beach waves of your gorgeous tresses? Well, it’s not a far-fetched possibility. By sticking to a ritualised hair care routine only for volumizing the hair, you can be fashioning your looks with a natural bounce complementing your locks in no time.

However, if you want some instant and easy revival to your flat and limp hair, Clip-in hair extensions are just the right option for you. Real human hair extensions can breathe life into your flat hair and give you any gorgeous hairstyle within a matter of a few seconds.

Hairstyles For More Volume

We all are very well aware and fond of this styling technique, curls. Curls look awesome and because the spirals physically take up more space, it makes your hair look like it has better volume. If you desire your hair to look bigger, make your curls thinner.

However, while curling your hair ensure that all of your curls are away from your face. When your curls are cooled and hair sprayed it is time to take a comb to them and tease them a little. You can use your fingers to divide each curl in half and use the comb to gently lift each of your curls to make them look fuller and dense.

If you do not wish to heat style your hair into curls and still want gorgeous curly tresses, here are some best clip-in hair extensions choices for you:


Nish Hair premium side patches ( wavy ) are seamless clip-in patches that are completely natural-looking and give moderate coverage while adding a twist of volume. It is water wave curls and has the right amount of frizz to match with the actual Natural wavy hair. Each patch befits one side and is a perfect solution for covering bald spots and thinning hair.

Gimme some volume 3 clip weft– Clip In Hair Extensions – is a part of premium hair extensions: clip-in set of 4, you can choose to go for the 2 clip weft or 3 clip weft. These are the perfect option to add volume. You can easily add volume with them, which can thicken your natural hair texture, creating gorgeous bouncy curls or the ultimate voluminous natural waves! 100% human hair extensions

What About Volumisers & Hair Toppers?

While many prefer side patches or multiple-piece clip in hair extensions to add that extra oomph factor to their hair, it’s worth noting that some prefer the flexibility of having different thicknesses and weights by using just One Piece Hair Extensions.

This can be solved by wearing Volume Hair toppers. These are perfect for giving maximum coverage on your crown and also adding volume quickly.

Looking for some clip-in extensions hair toppers for that perfect celebrity hairdo?
Here are some options for you:

This product is meant to cover any hair thinning on the head, be it front or back. They are perfect for women and girls facing bald spots, hair loss, hair thinning and ABSOLUTELY APPROPRIATE for giving more volume. JUST LIKE YOU WANT!

This product is the same as a silk top left curly hair topper, just this one is straighter & is 22inch long. This product is meant to cover any thinning on the head, be it front or back. With one of the finest textures, they blend and integrate with your own hair, Like MAGIC!

Faux ponytail is an answer to your thin hair. AlI you like a thicker ponytail, all you need is a Nish hair faux ponytail to attach it to your hair and rock the perfect celebrity updo.


What Is The Best Hair Product For Hair Volume?

To finish any of your hairstyles, you need the right products.

  • Volumising spray is perfect for this. All you need to do is spray a little on your roots and curls but don’t use too much as it could be too heavy for your hair.
  • Don’t forget to use a styling cream as well for proper hair extensions care.


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