Hair Extensions: 5 Clip in Hair Extension Hacks you must know!

Whether you are a specialist, an expert or are almost alien to the whole world of hair extensions, knowing some pro hacks to up your hair game is always a brownie point. Hair extensions are so versatile and can be used in many diverse styles to achieve a huge spectrum of looks and there exist myriad hacks that can further benefit and make clipping in your wefts, even more, natural and quick. Keep reading to reveal the insider techniques to using and storing hair extensions.

1. Comb, Brush and Detangle

 We cannot stress enough the significance of this. As much as you may LOVE your hair extensions, you apparently know by now that they are prone to tangles and knotting, and we all understand that this can be very frustrating! Not taking decent care of your hair extensions is one of the foremost reasons why they become tangled and troublesome. 

Brush the extensions consistently before and after use. Running days without brushing and detangling your extensions can leave them in shambles! Be sure to brush them with a soft bristle brush to stop your extensions from tangling.

 2. Clip them on an angle for a seamless blend with layers

If you have a full-on layered hairstyle or short wavy layers, clip the extensions on the side of your head at an angle ( diagonally ).  This angular placement will build natural layers around your face as well as maintain the clip in extensions that blend seamlessly with your natural hair.

3. Hide shorter hair by Braiding

Shorter hair can sometimes peek through the longer extensions. With that being said, there is a pro trick to wear extensions if you have shorter hair. Just gather the bottom section of your hair at the nape and braid it. Wrap the braid and lay it flat against your head, and secure it with bobby pins.

Once you have clipped the desired extensions, undo the braid and let down your natural hair. This will result in a more uniform and seamless appearance, without a harsh, notable difference between the shorter and longer hair strands.

4. Style your hair extensions before attaching them

NishHair extensions are 100% human hair and can be styled just the way you want like your own hair. When getting to know about how to wear hair extensions properly, it is advisable that you style them before you attach them to your head. Minor blow-dry and styling can be done after attachment for a seamless and gorgeous look.

5. The Right Maintenance and storage is the star of the show

Understanding how to wear hair extensions isn’t enough. Proper storage and maintenance keep them looking great for a very long time. Always remember to brush and close shut the clips of the extensions and before storing them. Use hydrating products on it and secure them in a clean dry place for a prolonged life span.

Hair Extensions are an investment for yourself. So why not make the most of it with proper care and love. After all, they’re behind your boost of confidence and help you look (and feel) oh-so-gorgeous every day.

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