Make The Most Of Your Precious Hair Extensions From These Clever Styling Tips

At some point in our lives, all of us have crushed over models and their luscious long tresses. You might have often desired to flip hair over your shoulders and whip it back-forth. But long, gorgeous hair is not easy to attain and takes time to grow. This is the reason why hair extensions are a good option! You can have your hairstyle transformed within a few seconds.

God bless the humble hair extensions that have been established as game-changing for every girl with thin, fine and not-so-long hair. From making your hair appear thicker, longer and seemingly flawless, hair extensions are every woman’s gateway to rapunzel hair.

If you’re the girl who wears hair extensions on the reg, we have some smart styling tips that will help you make the most of these precious hair babies. Wanna know what they are? Scroll down to find out.

  1. Backcomb Like a Boss

If you’ve ever worn hair extensions before, you’ll know that there’s nothing more uncomfortable than having them slip down throughout the day. Using a backcombing brush, tease the roots of the hair that’ll lie just beneath your extensions and apply some hairspray. This will serve as an anchor for your extensions and give them a more reliable hold. If you want to cover the clips, use a backcombing brush underneath the layer of hair that goes on top.

  1. Place Extensions Below The Eyebrows And Under The Ears

Are you considering wearing hair extensions again but tormented by the thought of everyone noticing your exposed clips whilst you stayed totally clueless? Chances are that you made the rookie error of wearing your extensions too high up.

While clipping on your extensions, remember that the highest you can go should fall under your eyebrows, particularly if you have thinner hair. This is because the thinner hair on your crown will expose the clips under them – you need more volume to conceal the clips, so start lower.

Under the ears is the most suitable place for extensions if you need more length since it’s easier to conceal bumps with more of your hair falling on top of the clips.

  1. Clip the Extensions Closer Together For Added Volume And Similar Length

Troubled that the huge difference in length between your natural hair and extensions will reveal the secret that you’re wearing extensions? Well, we have just the tip for you. Rather than clipping your extensions at a distance, clip them closer to each other.

This will benefit you to blend your hair into your extensions flawlessly and disguise the strands that would otherwise stick out. It also provides a more natural result as compared to clipping them farther apart.

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