It’s the first month of 2022, and there’s so much going on already! We all are making new bucket lists, reworking our wardrobe, and promising to prioritise ourselves this year. One of the most standard methods to whirl in a fresh beginning is by evolving your hairstyles. It’s almost like a little tweak in our hairstyles sets the tone for our resolutions, no? And if you’ve got hair thinning or short hair and don’t think you can pull off any hairstyles, we’re here to prove you wrong. NishHair has put together a list of the chicest clip-in hair extensions for you to try in 2022. Read on…

Clip-in hair extensions are a swift and easy way to add length, volume, and elegance to your hair. The clips allow for easy placement and a seamless style that’s lightweight and fun to wear. Nish-hair clip-ins are hand-crafted from human hair and will outperform any other clip-on hair extensions.

  1. Hair Toppers

For women experiencing hair loss or hair thinning, the impact that a hair topper can have on their personality goes beyond the superficial. In addition to giving you the confidence back, they enable you to keep up a certain appearance without any permanent commitments. They are lightweight, easy to use and are excellent for adding volume on top of your head by simply clipping into your hair. NishHair Hair toppers come in diverse styles and sizes, lengths and thicknesses and can be worn all day long. They are made of 100% real human hair. Some offer more coverage on the top, while others aim to cover the sides or back of the head. Some are even specifically designed for the sole purpose of adding volume to thin or fine hair.

  1. Clip-in Bangs

Bangs, fringes whatever you want to call them, they are going to be *THE BIG* this fashion season. We have witnessed most celebrities and influencers rocking the hair chops during the lockdown, and the trend sure isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Bangs can be absolutely flattering and dramatically pump up your features.

 Now you can revamp your whole look without committing to chopping your hair super short because all you need is the NishHair clip-in bangs. We have 100% human hair bangs that come with an easy ON & OFF application style, clip it in when you want them, clip them out when you don’t. And Voilla, fulfil your childhood or celebrity look desires to get those gorgeous bangs in a few seconds with just 1 or 3 clips.  

  1. Frame my face 

For our girls with light hair fall and small bald spots, especially near the temple area,  we have thin patches like the Nish hair frame my face extensions. These not only add volume and cover the small spots by giving coverage but also work well to give your hair structure and bring the attention down from your forehead to your gorgeous cheekbones and jawline.

  1. Side Bangs/Bald-patch

To get coverage and volume on the sides, the Side bangs/ bald patch is something to go for. They are seamless side patches that are completely natural-looking and give moderate coverage over bald spots while adding a twist of bangs to your hairstyle. It’s a perfect solution for slightly bigger spots and thin hair.

  1. Standouts

 If you’ve been thinking about highlighting/ colouring your hair but aren’t sure if the look is for you (or you want a look transformation), you may want to pick up our set strandouts, because you can use Nish hair clip-in extensions to fake colourful strands! That’s right, clip-in faux highlights could be your ticket to instantly dimensional hair colour.

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