NishHair Bride Brigade: Discover why NishHair extensions are a Bride’s Best Friend across the world

One of the most exciting aspects of preparing for your wedding is the glam. It’s a chance for you and your bridesmaids to sport the dreamy hairstyles you’ve seen all over Instagram and have your red carpet (read as: wedding aisle) moment. If this wedding season is anything to talk about, waist-skimming hair is all the craze. We’re talking natural-looking, long unkempt tresses. But for those of us who aren’t blessed with goddess-like manes, it’ll take months, or even years, of growing to reach such lengths. So, it’s slight wonder brides-to-be are turnings to the joys of hair extensions to nail their dream wedding hair look.

 Popular to contrary belief, hair extensions aren’t just for adding length; they can also double or even triple your thickness and hair volume. And not just that, here at Nish Hair we believe that no bride should look less than her absolute best on her special day. Short, thin hair can be challenging to work with when aiming for certain styles. With Nishhair extensions, your choices are endless. You can style your hair in so many different ways. No bride should have to compromise her hairstyle because her natural hair doesn’t behave a certain way. Extensions will have your Pinterest board ready in no time.

Who needs a veil or a train when you can be draped in long luscious hair? It’s an excellent way to achieve a graceful, goddess look that will make your groom giddy. Brides from all the around the world have opted Nish Hair to be their best friend / Gal pal on their wedding days to create the best of wedding/bridal hairstyles. From the vivacious Punjai bride to the elegant Maṇappeṇ from Tamil Nadu, Nish Hair has helped them all create some of the most modern and the traditional looks. Here’s a round-up of our 5 favourite NishHair bridal hairstyles..

  1. Middle Part with Messy Textured Waves

When it comes to waves, perfect definition is the last thing you want. This jaw-dropping bridal look is a modern twist on the classic brushed out wave. It’s very elegant and will work well paired with a minimal dress and theme. It’s super feasible and convineint to wear throughout the day because of its essence being of messy texture. 

  1. Textured Chic Slicked-Back Ponytail

You’re welcome: one more no-fuss style at your service brought to you by Nish Hair bride. Sleekness and waves can’t co-exist…said no one ever. One of the most favoured style of all for the minimal chic bride. It’s about strapping back the sides while leaving height at the top to accentuate the loose voluminous waves in the ponytail. 

  1. Relaxed Princess Braids

We can’t deny the fact that our brides look like a walking goddess with these braids. An effortless plaited braid gets a touch of romance with small flowers or beads tucked into the plaits.  A more than three-strand plait can have a much more textured feel than its traditional counterpart and also adds a little bit of magnificent flair. (And that’s exactly why we adore it.)

  1. Half-Up, Half-Down Braids and Waves

From the side braid to those loose wavy locks, there’s so much we absolutely worship about this gorgeous bridal hairstyle. But what we adore even more is the pack of options presented by this look. You can continue the plait to the back in a true crown formation or just let it hang loosely from there for a little boho aesthetic. And not to forget, adding a floral swag has made us go all gaga over it, beacuse…why not?

  1. The Gorgeous Curls

Adding a touch of glamour to your curls by pinning the top for some extra volume can go a long way. Topping it off with a sparkly headpiece or a tiara for a stunning wedding day look is an icing on the cake. From the red carpet to real life, curls are always appropriate. No matter your length or texture, bangs or not, the soft, textured curls just work. Soon, these curls will loosen and fall, revealing a messier texture you’ll still want to rock. 

Wedding days are the time to exude femininity and we try our best to make your day a special one and a glammed one! Obviously. Tell us which one is your favourite?

Picture & Hair styling credits : Deepti Patel

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