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Now you can revamp your look without cutting your hair super short, get extra volume and hide those bald spots easily because all you need is the NishHair bangs.
This product is a perfect solution for hair thinning/ bald spots, get thin to thick hair in minutes. It is a glorified seamless side patch, you cannot see the weft or stitching at all.

● Super easy to use clip-on application.
● Adds volume
● 100% human hair extensions
● Lightweight, comfortable to wear all day long
● Blends flawlessly with your hair
● Heat resistant and can be styled just like your real hair
● Can be clipped on top too (as per your need)
● Can by dyed
Side bangs is a great way to completely change up your style! Plus, it’s a super sly way to alter your face shape without being too drastic. So grab yourS NOW!



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59 reviews for Side Bangs / Bald Patch Hair

  1. Simran (verified owner)


  2. Usha (verified owner)

    Very nice product . Ordered on Friday received on Sunday . Own lot of products fron nishhair absolute good quality

  3. Reena J. (verified owner)

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Super One. Thinking of ordering one more 👍

  5. Shitalben Patel (verified owner)

    Gorgeous excellent product

  6. Asmita Sinha (verified owner)

    This is my first purchase with Nish hair I ordered two sets in Natural Black and I must say the quality is awesome. It blends so well with my hair. It is giving my hair enough volume and has changed my look completely. I’m very happy with the product. Thankyou Nish Hair for making me feel more confident about my hair😊

  7. Neel (verified owner)

    This was my first purchase from Nish hair.. I had purchased the 10 inch length. The product finishing is awesome.. The seamless make blends well our own hair.. After few initial trials.. Finally got the knack of using it well over my scalp.. No one ever noticed.. But to be honest.. It did enhance my look in a natural way.. Got compliments from many.. And it comes at an affordable price. Thanks you so much!

  8. Kirti Gupta (verified owner)

    Hi everyone . Thanks Parul it’s actually a very nice product . I even can’t imagine I ordered it first time and there are perfectly good for me .the colour and texture is like it’s mine hair and merged well with my own hair . Though I have to learn and create the way how I will I put in .

  9. Anjali Punia (verified owner)

    OMG😍 NishHair’s products are magic. Trust me guys these side bangs are amazing. These side bangs were my first purchase from nishhair and after being fully satisfied with the wonders these have done,I have now ordered other products too. These enhances my looks instantly and have helped me gain my lost confident back. Though you guys may find it to be lil pricey but trust me products’ quality is worth the price we pay. Also, hair do not shed out of these. Just take care of these properly and these will last you for years. NishHair team is really very cooperative though the replies are late sometimes but the happiness after using the products compensates for that delay.

  10. shambhavi jha (verified owner)

    I was initially hesitant on using hair as blessfully I m having enough hair but still not so enough. I tried the side patches and instantly so much volume and then I ordered one more side patch and my insecurity was meters away. Nish hairs are blessing in disguise as in when you lose all the confidant and then these products are solving each and every issues related to hairs of yours. Much love Parul and Team . long live Nish Hair

  11. Jaya Rawat (verified owner)

    This is one of the best investments I have made. Very happy to own quality product.

  12. Bharti (verified owner)

    Totally in ❤️With the product!!
    Nishhair is the best when it comes to hair…
    This was my first buy with them, then many many other products followed after that… they never disappoint you with their excellent customer service…
    Easy prompt and highly recommend for all…
    My premium hair extensions are super amazing too!!❤️

  13. Prityaanshi agarwal

    I absolutely love nishhair. The way she explains the use of each and every product of hers is just very sweet, and how repeatedly she makes to keep us updated. I love the quality and I have never followed any other brand except for hers. They are so seamless and it’s like a dream come true to have her product. Thankyou for existing nish hair and making tons of girls out there that we can experiment.

  14. Rhythm Tiwari

    These side patches are amazing, it blends with your hair the perfect way and nobody can make out that it’s not yours. The best part is that they aren’t that heavy like other wigs and your head can breathe so please try it out guys. It’s worth the price.

  15. Shriya Samson (verified owner)

    So I recently bought the side bangs/bald patch and it’s amazing. I decided to not tell my family the first time I tried it on and asked them to guess what was different about my hair. Let me tell you guys, they couldn’t notice the patch but they saw the added volume on top! This is a really good product for anyone struggling with hair loss and is looking for a way to cover up.

  16. Ishita (verified owner)

    Recently i have purchased side patch it’s awesome. And today I’m going to purchase another one. Worth. Solves the purpose.

  17. Rashmi Rawat (verified owner)

    This is my second purchase from Nish Hair. Totally love it, be it is their service or product. Worth spending every single penny. Looking forward to purchase more in near future. Keep up the excellent job!

  18. M (verified owner)

    Loved it! Blends beautifully with my own hair! Thank you so much for making my first purchase successful!! <3

  19. Kanika (verified owner)

    Buying another one, really happy with the first one. It is so seamless and covered my baldness really well.

  20. Amritaa Varma (verified owner)

    I got the 14-16 inches side patch in natural black. I absolutely loved the product.. My mom was not able to distinguish between my hair and the extension. It’s completely seamless and it really does not show! Also Parul is a great help! I added a side note saying my hair is frizzy and wavy so please don’t iron it, and she did just that.. The piece was delivered in exactly my hair texture. I also suggest you send them a pic of your hair and ask for their consultation. They are quick and very accurate. I recommend you buy these because it is worth it! I used to spend like 1500-2000 on my hairstyles( with artificial hair extensions)for one function and it wasn’t very economical or worth it.. I can just curl and back comb my extension and basically make my own hairstyle that looks wayy more natural! Do buy! They help you all the way!

  21. Priyanshi (verified owner)

    These side bangs are really amazing. It covers your hairline area very well and as it is so seamless , hairs simply look like they are coming from roots itself. Though i was very confused that whether It will look good or not on me but it blended perfectly with my hair. Thank you so much Parul di for being so helpful.

  22. Nidhi R

    I placed a 2nd order for these side bangs. I have to say the new one i received was even more superior quality than the previous one. I wore it to work once and it stayed in place all day and gave me a few new look that day. Going to reserve it for special occasions 🙂 thank you Nish love you guys. Just placed my 3rd order for the topper.can’t wait to try it!

  23. Sumbul siddiqui (verified owner)

    Got this side bangs today.it just changed my look .this product is total value for money . U can use it for hiding that scanty hair areas or just for styling.
    Go gals get it its totally worth it

  24. Tull (verified owner)

    I got my first product from Nishhair and it is amazing. Parul Gulati helped me to chose correct product and correct colour for my hair. I got product within a week and it looks completely natural. In love with Nishhair product ♥️

  25. Malvika (verified owner)

    Must must go for des side bangs… they r amazing n believe me it’s completely natural… look is superb after wearing dem… Parul guided me very well on what I sud purchase. with the type of hair I have…thanks nish hair… waiting to shop for ur more products

  26. Parveen Malhotra (verified owner)

    I bought the dark brown 14-16inches with highlights, it blends beautifully with my hair making it look natural and with the right amount of volume required. Best part is that is so comfortable and just the right weight that it doesn’t bother you even if you wear for long hours

  27. LEELA VIVEKA Guttikonda (verified owner)

    Bought it from nish hair and I really love the product it literally game me huge difference I just keep on buying nish products and recommend all of my friends 🥰🥰💜

  28. Simran (verified owner)

    Bought the side bangs because i dont cut my hair and have a huge forehead!! And i think i found the solution to all my hair problems😍 must buy for sardarnis😛 I bought the 10” ones and they are so perfect. Will buy more extensions for volume❤️

  29. Milli (verified owner)

    They are super light and easy to install. They give you length and coverage both . The team is a delight to work with . Prompt replies and they never say no and have a great attitude . She even replaced a piece I wasn’t happy with

  30. Aneka Bushra (verified owner)

    I received these side bangs today and trust me they are so light weight and gives u very good amount of volume… Amazing product!! Changed my looks. highly recommended from me.❤️

  31. Nishi (verified owner)

    Parul has been an absolute delight, from recommending something that will suit my hair volume, colour and texture to being extremely helpful regarding the delivery process, ensuring I get constant updates. The brand speaks for itself and the product personally brings me immense confidence. Authentic human hair, soft, lightweight and seamless. Way to go Nish Hair. Wishing you all the luck.

  32. Anamika

    Received the side bangs today. I really thank Parul for customising the bang so that it exactly matches my natural hair! Trust me, nobody can make out that you are wearing hair extensions.. Looking forward for my next purchase from Nish hair.

  33. Shivani

    This is an absolutely life changing product!!
    Great quality and goes totally unnoticeable that makes you look great!!
    Kudos to Parul and Nish hair.
    Parul was really helpful in shipping my extensions to US in time!!
    P.S: Going to order a couple more 🙂

  34. Sonali (verified owner)

    I received these side bangs today and trust me they are so light weight and gives u very good amount of volume… highly recommended from me if u have bandness in crown area

  35. KETKI D JADHAV (verified owner)

    Received the bangs yesterday and I’m in Loveeee with them❤ I had spent thousands on hair extensions before hence wasn’t really convinced to buy 2 sets of 16″. So thought of buying 10″ side bangs for trial. And it left me stunned.. It worked great with some hair fiber.. placing my next order soon!

  36. Mackline Martin

    I bought 2 pieces of the side bangs from the exhibition held in Dubai and OMG it feels so light, I have been wearing it everyday to work and it looks very natural. The best part is, the clips are not heavy and hard on your scalp, very easy to clip in and out. I Must say NISH HAIR is the best! Good Job NISH TEAM

  37. Preetha Chatterje (verified owner)

    It just saved me…loved it soooo much..must buy if u have front bald patches…hair quality is so go good.. smells nice..faster delivery.. everything is so satisfactory..

  38. Annesha Dutta (verified owner)

    This is my first hair extension I have ever bought, just loved it. It totally serve the purpose.. Parul was really polite and cooperating.. Thankx alot #Nishhair

  39. Pranali (verified owner)

    I was so skeptical before ordering the side bangs. But they turned out real good and blend super well with my hair. Also, Parul customised them to suit my wavy hair texture. She’s so helpful with all the queries and prompt with her replies. I would definitely recommend these bangs if you need more SUBTLE volume!!

  40. Rashmi Rawat (verified owner)

    Hi !This was my first shopping from nish and was totally satisfied and happy with it . Be it is the product or the service they provide, everything is upto the mark. Looking forward to shop more from nish in future.

  41. Ankita Malviya (verified owner)

    Such great quality extension. Feels like my own hair.

  42. Miths (verified owner)

    I received the side patch today and it looks perfect. Really happy with the colour and texture, just cannot make out the difference.
    Thank you nishhair for personally guiding me through this.
    Would definitely recommend this product.

  43. Amalia Pinto (verified owner)

    I received my order of side bangs today and i am extremely happy to say its an awesome product .its seamless cant spot the difference . Recommended

  44. Tejaswita Acharya (verified owner)

    I am tejaswita,,,just received my bald patch today. Nishhair saved me,thatsall I want to say. I was very disappointed with my old , regular,,look with receding hairline,,…The front of my hair looks great and I finally have the look I want . Thank youuuuuu… Also the quality of the hair is wowww ,,they gave an extra clip in case one broke. I m gonna get my clip in bangs soon. Love you nishhair,,great great thumps up.

  45. Ajantha raju (verified owner)

    This is my first product and I totally loved it. It’s worth every penny. It chnaged my look…wore it to office, everyone recognised the change in my hair but no one could figure out it was an extension. It blended so well with my hair. Extremely happy with the product.

  46. Jyoti sharma (verified owner)

    Thank you@nishhair. Received my order today . The quality of the hair are really good. Parul Mam is really helpful with all the questions I had In my mind. Guys, doesn’t hesitate to buy it and it will definitely going to change your look.

  47. Saurabhi Singh (verified owner)

    I have to tell you that ‘Nish Hair’ was chosen by me after a lot of research. I wanted to buy from an Indian company rather than the USA based etc. Parul is extremely helpful and she clears all doubts by sending videos and pictures. I’ve purchased the side patches and the quality of hair is bang on! My hair doesn’t feel heavy or laid down and the extensions merge with my hair beautifully. Parul has also matched the colour of hair perfectly since I use a hair colour. What more does one need. Nish Hair has truly transformed my hair and I feel more confident now. Thanks Parul 😍😍😍

  48. Hashi (verified owner)

    Iam extremely happy with my purchase from Nishhair….iam totally thrilled to have received the product just the way I wanted it …the hair quality is lovely…its easy to wear,special thanx to Parul for her patience as she personally answers your queries…kudos to Nishhair team….lastly i would like to add that guys please don’t hesitate & start shopping….you won’t be disappointed… Trust me……

  49. Archana (verified owner)

    Just loved the side bangs from Nish Hair… my first product… like the way it blends seamlessly… gives me much needed volume On one side and overall front appearance.

    Parul has been so helpful answering all my concerns before I made the choice. Thanks Parul and Nish hair. Love ya

  50. Chelcy kapta (verified owner)

    Amazing amazing amazing hair extensions! Just loved your work, the parcel I received had side bangs in it and hair were smelling so nice, and they were exactly natural black, suits me so muchhhhhhh🤘 thank you! Love love love

  51. Erum (verified owner)

    I ordered side bangs and I am so pleased to have received a good quality product. I have used hair extensions before but I have never received a service like this. Every question and query was answered and delivered on time. And most importantly a personalized message by Parul explaining details about her product goes to show that she is a 100% invested in her business. Kudos to you and your team. Overall I had a great experience. Will definitely purchase again. Thanks Nishhair the sky is the limit!!

  52. Sarah E

    I am extremely pleased with purchase of the side bangs/bald patch pieces. I was so grateful when I received the items as they are what I have been needing. I recommend to everyone. I am in the US and international payment/shipping was easy! Thank you again!

  53. Sadaf (verified owner)

    Extremely good and looks very natural thanks a lot

  54. P sharma

    Awesum ! Nish hair product it gives lots of confidence in urself it’s reasonable useable and result makes u feel top of the world ! Recommend to all the people out there .Nish hair is not ,just hair product it makes u feel again “you” 😘 all the cheers and luck 👍 to parul &her hard working responsible team !!!

  55. Ananya Banerjee

    Ordered side bangs first time from Nish hair ! Amazing product!! Changed my looks

  56. Ana Dhingra (verified owner)

    This is my first product from Nish hair. It made my life easier and helped me in being more confident. Thanks a lot to Nish Hair for introducing such things. Keep sharing smiles.
    Looking forward to more purchases❤️

  57. Asmita

    Thank you so much for this amazing product … I bought it for my mom and she is so happy with it… no one can really make out if it’s your own hair or an extension… it’s comfortable to wear and very easy to put on…
    The best part is the service of Nish Hair… Parul’s the best… you ask her as many questions and she’d be so happy to help and so quick to revert !
    Looking forward to more shopping with Nish Hair !

  58. Shusree Mukherjee

    I’m extremely happy with my first product from Nish Hair. I bought it for my trip to Bali and my sister’s couldn’t make out I was wearing an extension… it is so seamless guys!!! I highly recommend it to everyone.

    Also, I must tell you that I’m extremely happy with how Parul has been extremely understanding, caring, and kind. She’s polite, helpful, and quick to revert.

    I’ve bothered her a lot to get my first order but she’s been very patient and understanding.

    I love you and your products!

    Looking forward to more purchases ❤

  59. Faza usmani (verified owner)

    This is my second product from nish hair. This side patch totally covers my front bald area gives me a good amount of volume and I’m totally loving it. Very easy to use, looks very natural. It’s a must buy product if you have front baldness.

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Side bangs are for multiple purposes , it is for people who have a visible bald patch and at the same time if you have a big forehead it gives you nice and stylized coverage . So if you have been looking for an affordable and quick solution side bangs are available in 10inch, 14inch and 16inch .
14 inch and 16 inch are slightly wider and has more volume and we customise these too please feel free to get in touch with us for any specifications .

Thank you for shopping with us !

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