Crown Topper

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This hair topper is meant to cover your crown area. It gives you maximum crown coverage , it is damn light and easy to use . Looks seamless and very very natural .


Due to high demand, delivery of the product will take 10-15 working days. 

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7 reviews for Crown Topper

  1. Madhupriya Shankar (verified owner)

    As I have lost lot of hair and used to fall flat and wanted to give some volume to my natural hair, so I have brought this hair topper, which comes with 20-22 inch in natural black,I just love it and I have fallen in love with my new hair topper, it has completely changed my look, I look so young as it has given volume in my crown area and over all length and thickness.
    What best is that it’s made with natural human hair and it falls so seamlessly on my head. This hair topper is worth the money.
    As it’s a natural human hair this hair topper comes with few grey hair strands, do not worry about that, as it can be coloured and styled.

    As soon as I recived my hair topper I did not try it at that instant, as it may not blend with my present hair color and hair style.
    First thing I took this to my salon, got it coloured to match my hair color(u can also add few highlights)and also asked my hair stylist to give it a hair cut to blend and match my hair style, and the result was unbelievable and I was very happy and thrilled.
    No one could make out that I have put something on my natural hair as it falls so seamlessly natural looking.

  2. Garg

    Product is amazing. I got it for my mum.
    The best part is Parul personally takes care of everything.
    Best brand ever!

  3. Tayyba

    Nice ana Amazing

  4. Tayyba


  5. Jyoti Dhaliwal

    Very nice and amazing

  6. Anu shi


  7. Juli

    Amaizng 😍

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