Valentine’s Day Special Edition Box


Nish Hair Valentine’s Day Special Edition Gift Box

Let’s be real: Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other, your bestie, or even your mom (she deserves to be spoiled, too!) is an exhausting process. And while it’s always nice to gift someone a single item they’ll fawn over, there are other ways to spoil everyone in your life this V-Day that’ll have ’em feeling oh-so special. Enter: Nish Hair Valentine’s Day Special Edition Gift Box

Whats inside?
2 strandouts in Valentine day Special shades: pink and burgundy
2 princess bows: Merida Teal and Ariel red
Nish Hair- Hair Perfume
1 Tail comb
Luxury rose gold Clip

P.S: If your giftee is obsessed with crafting the perfect look, they’ll love this box. Get ready to cheers to your love.



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