Zahira’s Ice Blue #Strandout- Coloured clip-In Hair |Girls Hostel S3 # | Nish Hair


Zahira’s Blue is the same shade used by Parul Gulati in “Girls Hostel 3.0” , this look was created keeping in mind the state of Zahira’s Mental Health , as seen in the show zahira haa a mental break down and faces anxiety and many other issues along the way , so hence she wouldn’t have gotten time to colour her hair since she has become the student body president and this shade is the exact striped off shade of Zahira’s Green

These Hair Streaks that merge flawlessly with your hair, and stays secure with Tic-Tac lock.

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Note: it doesn’t come in a set

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How To Use

Two easy Steps to Pop Craziness: Place the #Standout where you want to add the crazy. Lock in with the secure tic-tac clip. There ya go!

Product Ingredients

Nish Hair Strands, made from 100% Human Hair. High Quality Tic-Tac Clip.

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