If you’re looking to add length, body and volume to your hair, extensions are the fastest way to achieve it.


There’s plenty of alternatives to shop from too, ranging from 100 percent real human hair extensions to synthetic hair extensions, and ready-made curls to sleek, straight strands that can be clipped in and blend flawlessly with the rest of your hair.


 Having hair extensions gives you the versatility to transform your style and up your hair game. Instantly changing your hair from short to long or adding extra volume, clip-in extensions are a commitment-free investment to switching up your hairstyle.


We’ve spent the past few years putting a lot of effort into understanding both kinds of hair extensions, real and synthetic. Here, we are sharing our Nish Hair tips to choose the right type of extensions for yourself; with a bit of reading and practice, you will be a hair extension pro in no time.


Human Hair Extensions: 

All the great reasons to opt for them

  • The most significant advantage to wearing a human hair extension is the seamless natural look. It is, in fact, naturally grown from a human head of hair which means that the texture, colour, and overall feel will eventually be the most natural choice. Human hair extensions have all the same properties as your own hair and must be taken care of as such. 
  • The other great upside to using human hair extensions is their heat resistance. As long as you are using a good heat protectant to protect the hair it will do perfectly fine using any flat or curling iron or any other styling tool. It is a great option for those who want to change up their look and style. 
  • The most attractive perks of human hair extensions are their versatility. A major advantage to human hair is being able to have the option to colour/dye it. 
  • Another huge brownie point of a human hair extension is its life longevity. If taken proper care of, human hair extensions can literally last you for years.

Addressing the drawbacks

Human hair cost slightly more than synthetic ones. Human hair extensions function like normal real hair, humidity and water will alter the composition and created styles will be lost. This is also true with human hair extensions. 

Synthetic Hair Extensions: 

All the great reasons to opt for them 

  • One of the most attractive perks of purchasing synthetic hair extensions is the cost. It is normally just a fraction of the price of real human hair extensions. One primary logic is that synthetic hair extensions are made from artificial fibres. Most synthetic variants of clip in hair extensions can be found easily in the market. This is an affordable option in comparison to the human hair counterpart.
  • Synthetic hair extensions are humidity resistant. This implies that the weather isn’t going to affect your style or cause frizzing. It holds on to whatever set style it came with. Most synthetic hair extensions have a great look to them, and a brilliant luminosity. 
  • Finally, synthetic hair extensions are easier to care for. They won’t have oil build-ups the way human hair will, therefore wash isn’t needed as often, which usually will result in the hair lasting a light longer. The average interval of time for daily wear synthetic hair extensions is around 4-5 months.

Addressing the drawbacks

Synthetic hair fibres can’t withstand the heat of curling and flat irons. Some variants might be slightly heat resistant up to certain temperatures, but with the preset style, it will be a struggle to change what it was when you got it. This can be tough for those that like to change it up every now and again. Along with not being able to really style your synthetic hair, you also can’t really colour/dye them. The chemical processes damage the wefts and the fibres.



While both the variants have some excellent advantages, they have a few downsides, and it’s great to contemplate these options when you decide which one is the right option for you. Your choice greatly depends on what you are looking for, and what you want to do when you have them in. There are no right or wrong choices, so head on to get the one you find best for yourself. Click here to shop  Nish Hair Human hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions.


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