What Are Halo Hair Extensions And  Why Do you Need Them In Your Life


There are so many different hair extension types to choose from nowadays. Halo hair extensions are a fairly newer type that has taken the hair extension industry by storm. It has achieved immense popularity in the last decade because of its functionality and ease of use. While you may or may not have heard about halo hair extensions but you might have your doubts about them. You might be wondering how does it work? What is this new type of hair extension on a wire? How does it stay on? Do I need them in my life?

What Are Halo Hair Extensions?


Halo hair extensions do not attach to your own hair in any way. Instead, it makes use of your head’s natural shape and sits comfortably on your head with a hidden wire. Your own natural hair will fall on top of the halo strongly holding it in place. This is in contrast to almost all other types of hair extensions that attach to your real hair in some way.

How to wear Halo Hair Extensions?

In this video below we are demonstrating how to wear a halo hair extension and how it instantly gives you a hair makeover while giving you so much volume without attaching to your real hair.

Why do you need Halo Hair extensions in your life?

Halo hair extensions have an extensive list of pros and little to no cons and are a fantastic option if you are looking for a solution to add volume to your hair in a matter of a few seconds.


  • Quick and easy installation
    Halo hair extensions are installed in most cases in 30 seconds or less. This is incredibly fast and easy in comparison to most other types of hair extensions.
  • No damage to your natural hair
    Halo hair extensions do not damage your natural hair at all since they do not attach/pull to your natural hair. This means that they can not damage your hair in any way. This is in stark contrast to all other hair extension types that need an attachment to your natural hair in some type of course.
  • Incredibly comfortable to wear
    The halo hair extensions do not hurt and are exceptionally comfortable to wear. The most reasonable way to explain the convenience of the halo is it feels much like wearing a hair band. You can wear the halo all day and take it off in a swift second just like that. They are quite comfortable in comparison to other types where you can feel the various attachment mechanisms in your hair. Some other types such as weave-in or sew-in hair extensions can be a little painful.

Who needs to wear Halo Hair Extensions?


Anyone who wants to look fab. There are countless different hairstyles that you can achieve with halo hair extensions. However, the primary reason most women love and use halo extensions is that they are extremely easy to use and can add alot of volume to your hair instantly. It really is just this simple. Longer, thicker hair in seconds!

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